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About Prowirl

All vortex flowmeters measure the volumetric flow of liquids, gases and steam, but are often particularly favored for steam measurement. When measuring steam mass or energy content, a vortex flowmeter is paired with a pressure or temperature sensor, and a flow computer.

Endress+Hauser's Prowirl family of products include vortex flowmeters, transmitters, and sensors. Flowmeter and transmitter models available are 72F, 72W, 73F, and 73W. The F versions are flanged and the W versions are for water. The 72's are for universal volumetric measurement of flowing gases, steam and liquids. The 73's include temperature measurement for calculating mass flow, and, combined with a steam computer, the 73 gives the user direct BTU readings.

Prowirls are available in standard or explosion-proof models, and in compact or remote versions. Transmitters of both model groups output volume and mass flow. Additionally, the Prowirl 73's integrated flow computer calculates pressure and temperature-compensated mass flow of gases or superheated steam.

Endress+Hauser offers sensors in the Prowirl F and the Prowirl W models. Both can withstand process temperatures from -200...+400 C (-330...+750 F). The Prowirl W can withstand pressure ratings up to PN 40 (Cl 300), and the Prowirl F can withstand pressure ratings up to PN 160 (Cl 600), or to PN 250 (Cl 1500), optionally.


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